1. It is a USB storage device that makes transporting your data incredibly easy.
  2. Just plug into any USB port and it will show up as another hard drive.
  3. Now you can move, store, or delete data effortlessly.
  4. This ingenious storage device is so versatile you can run applications, view videos, or play MP3 files directly from it.
  5. It comes in various storage capacities of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 & 1G.
  6. It uses non-volatile flash memory so you can safely store and transport your valuable data.
  7. The 16mb USB "hard drive" stores up to 10 times more information than the standard 3.5" floppy disk.


  1. Support Flash ROM ( EEPROM ) for In-System Programming through USB Port that can update the system firmware anywhere and anytime for the security demand
  2. Support Toshiba & Samsung NAND Flash Memory 32Mbit, 64Mbit, 128Mbit, 256Mbit, 512Mbit and 1Gbit.
  3. Support Specification Reversion 1.1
  4. Transfer Rate for USB Interface: "Full speed" Up to12Mbits/sec
  5. Support the Power Saving Mode to reduce the power consumption while using Pen Drive in the mobile equipment.
  6. Windows 98/Windows 95 OSR2/Windows Me (with USB Driver)
  7. Linux Driver for kernel version 2.4.0-test10.
  8. Provide LED indicator while Pen Drive is busy.
  9. Plug & Play.
  10. Durable Solid-state Storage.
>> PenDrive is a USB interface non-volatile disk, it can support up to 1G

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