Founded in 1993, RAM-DATA specializes in SIMM module manufacturing. With one philosophy in mind - offering clients reliable and quality products at competitive rates, RAM-DATA has experienced a steady and stable growth within the past few years. Due to our sound reputation, over 85% of revenue has been derived from exports.

     RAM-DATA is quickly becoming one of the major global players of        SIMM manufacturing in the international scene. Our annual sales      volume have already exceeded USD$100 million.

To keep up with the growing demand, RAM-DATA maintains a sizeable inventory of products that can be delivered to clients at lightning speeds.

At RAM-DATA we strive for quality. And this is why our products undergo rigorous testing and close inspection prior to shipment. Our dedicated staff of technical and RMA workers take Quality Control very seriously.
The high tech industry is constantly evolving at accelerating speeds and we at RAM-DATA understand and embrace this. This is why our cutting-edge Research & Development teams, comprised of seasoned engineers and marketing experts, are constantly experimenting with new technological breakthroughs to not only keep with the industry, but to bring us comfortably into the future as well.

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